Welcome to Gretchy T’s Kitchen

Consider this an extension of my kitchen. It’s a place where I welcome friends, drink wine, prepare rustic comfort food, plan adventures and laugh (a lot) with my wonderful husband.  Although my kitchen is one of those tres chic urban apartment kitchens that most people just admire while they open take out containers, I use it to its fullest potential almost every day.

This may shock you, but I grew up (in America) eating a diet largely consisting of pre-packaged, processed, or fast foods.  I have no complaints, because it was every kid’s dream diet and thankfully I have a fast metabolism.  My dad did some experimental cooking that I was interested in, when it didn’t involve something called naedels (a bread dumpling stew that stunk up the house so much my mom required the crockpot to be plugged in outside on our deck).  When I got to college my friends introduced me to things like balsamic vinegar, kale and curry powder.  And I started cooking…

My love all things food related has continued to grow over the years and has given me an insatiable appetite that fuels my passion for life.  I truly live to eat!  There’s nothing I won’t try once and I’m constantly looking for new recipes, techniques and products.  Although my food may be ‘simple’, the important thing to me is the ability to balance my career, which funds my travels, and my desire to be in the kitchen on a daily basis.

So stop by from time to time, there’s always something new happening in Gretchy T’s kitchen!


Gretchy T


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