Craving Some BBQ

I finally got around to trying Peckinpah (2 Water Street) today at lunch.  Their claim to fame is Carolina style BBQ and I can tell you it’s legit.  Perfect for a foggy cold day in Vancouver, the place is warm and smells like things have been cooking all night long, which at a BBQ joint is a good sign.

We started our meal off with some deep fried pickles (why not, it’s Friday).  Think of the best pickle you’ve ever had. Thinly sliced, kosher dill, then covered in a crispy, but not greasy, batter with lots of salt and pepper.  Not sure what the dip was, but we all liked it.  That’s my kind of amuse bouche.


After the pickles disappeared like magic (poof), we tackled our lunch.  I shared a half order of the beef brisket that comes with 2 sides (opting for baked beans and southern greens…it has a nice ring to it) plus cornbread.  Then we added a side of hushpuppies for fun.

It tasted like authentic BBQ to me!  They do a nice vinegary BBQ sauce that’s made in house and delicious on everything.  The brisket was nice and tender, not quite ready to fall apart, but close enough.  The beans and greens both deserve an A+ as well.  For $13 bucks each it was a really good deal!


It was just the right amount of food for 2; we even had a wee little bit leftover.  And although the food is heavy, I’m not sitting here sweating in a meat coma.  So if you’re in the hood, check out Peckinpah. You won’t regret it!  And if the place is packed out, like I imagine it is most nights, they have a convenient little takeout window for all your BBQ needs.


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