Circus Act

This weekend I got to be a tourist in my own city, which I don’t think any of us do regularly enough.  I made the trek out to New Westminster to go to a friend’s birthday party at the Vancouver Circus School.  I’d never had a particularly strong desire to throw myself around or attempt complicated tricks, but since I like to try new things, and explore my city I went for it.

We started with a warm up that was enough to completely tucker me out.  Then it was time for the trampoline (yes!).  I thought we’d just bounce up and down and shriek like small children and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, until we had to start practicing different types of ‘jumps’.  We were all flailing around like fish out of water providing tons of entertainment for passerby’s and our instructors.  My star-fish jumps were in very good form!

After the trampoline we migrated to the aerial silk station.  I had visions of performing a series of graceful poses like they do in Cirque du Soleil shows, but no, I ended up red in the face, using all my strength to get into the cocoon pose.  You basically curl up into the fetal position with your bum in one side of the slik, and your feet in the other.  I closed myself in and could have stayed there all night.

Then we had to do planks and upside down hangy things and just as I started feeling confident in my acrobatic abilities it was time to juggle.  After chasing balls and feathers around the gym I decided it wasn’t for me.  I will die happy knowing I was never able to juggle.

But overall, an awesome evening with some great people and fun instructors.  If you’re looking for a kooky birthday party idea, or a challenging team building event, check out these clowns.  The cost was very reasonable (not sure on the exact amount) and located at the New Westminster riverfront quay so it’s easy to get to on Skytrain.  There’s something for everyone and as long as you’re reasonably fit you’ll have a blast!


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