The Future of Dessert – Cupcake ATM’s

So by now most of us have seen the news about the new cupcake ATM installed by Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills this week.  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video demonstration that is somewhat amusing.  

Initially I thought it was a pretty cool idea.  Kind of like those live crab vending machines they have in China; novel, fun and completely unnecessary.  But then I started thinking about the obesity epidemic in the States and the convenience factor of many foods containing processed ingredients and refined sugars; do we really need to make cupcakes EASIER to get?  This comes on the heels of a interview I saw with Tom Colicchio on CNN this weekend about the growing hunger epidemic in America.

Formerly touted as the ‘richest, best, most superior etc.’ nation in the world, America today can no longer adequately feed of its own people.  According to Colicchio’s film Finding North, 1 in 6 Americans don’t get enough to eat on a regular basis.  Often times, people are forced to buy processed foods because they are cheaper and more accessible than ‘whole foods’ like fruits and vegetables.  So when the tables turn, and being skinny is a sign of wealth, and being fat is a sign of poverty, why the heck do we need shiny pink cupcake dispensing ATM’s in one of the richest communities in North America?

While I’m all for food innovation and quirky trends, this one makes me a little queasy.  My thought is that for every cupcake ATM that goes in along the coasts, Sprinkles should fund a machine that dispenses fresh fruit and veg in middle America.  It would be like the Tom’s shoes program, except instead of helping people in Africa put shoes in their feet, we would be helping people at home make better food decisions.


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