My Great American Weekend in Point Roberts

Let me preface this post by saying: living in Canada is great!  I love socialism, maple syrup, cheese curds and strong beer, but I do miss bits and pieces of my former life in the good ole’ US of A.  So I jumped at the chance to go with friends to their family cabin in Point Roberts, WA this past weekend.

PR is an interesting place, because it’s pretty much an American island within Canada (I believe the proper term is ‘exclave’).  I bet most Americans don’t even know it exists.  The only way to reach it from the US without going through Canada is by boat.  Fun fact, apparently there are 40+ people in the witness protection program living in PR!  The US should just put a bow on this piece of land and give it to Canada as a Christmas present, because I guarantee you it costs them more to maintain and govern it than it’s worth (trust me, it’s not the kind of place you’d actually want to live).

Anyways, I subscribe to the ‘when in Rome’ philosophy when I’m in the homeland.  It’s like the moment I set foot in an American supermarket the healthy Canadian in me mysteriously disappears.  So true to form this weekend I grabbed a few of my processed favourites.  Keebler Grasshopper cookies, Klaussen dill pickles, key lime Yoplait yogurt, and the one and only Tillamook cheese.  Sadly the cool ranch Doritos didn’t make the cut this time.

Another staple of a weekend trip to America is a beer tasting.  Thankfully this weekend we were lucky enough to get some sunshine.  So after a chilly walk on the beach and a visit to the liquor store (where it was advertised that they were having a 70’s Pimps & Ho’s party) we made our way home with our bounty of cheep booze and landed on the patio.  The boys had grabbed quite a few dark beers this time so we had a good mix of a couple different stouts, an IPA, an Amber and a 1554 Black Lager (by New Belgium).  The Rogue Chocolate Stout and the Black Lager were the big winners this time.

So after a great American weekend we packed up our stuff and headed back across the border and were home within 45 minutes.  In a nutshell Point Roberts, WA is a little oasis of American cheap gas and grocery goodness just a stone’s throw away from us.


3 thoughts on “My Great American Weekend in Point Roberts”

  1. It’s a shame you guys didn’t hit up Brewsters for some local organic produce and their amazing international cheese selection!!! More of a foodie type place than the old Marketplace for sure! Next time 🙂

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