I Love La Taqueria

So I’m stuck in this dreadful course all week and all I really have to look forward is lunch. Thankfully it’s on Broadway so there are a myriad of food options to choose from.  I was salivating all morning over the thought of lunch at La Taqueria (aka the Pinche Taco Shop) today.  All I could think about were those delicious little corn tortillas.  Oh, and in case your Spanish sucks, pinche means damn.  I can only suppose they chose that name because their tacos are so DAMN good!

I’ve been to the downtown location on West Hastings (which looks like a complete hole in the wall) many times and it’s always awesome, but hadn’t ventured into their newer Cambie store yet.  Happy to report, it’s also awesome.  The boys from my office agreed; a couple of them even went back for seconds!

I’ve eaten a lot of good Mexican food in my day.  I’m one of those people who’s not afraid to buy $1 tamales off a truck from someone’s grandma that have probably been sitting in the sun for too long.  But for the longest time Vancouver only had what I’d call gringo Mexican places, like Las Margaritas (don’t get me wrong, it’s very good, just not authentic in my humble opinion), so I was over the moon when I found La Taqueria.

The deal is you go in, it’s usually packed, you give your name, which they usually get wrong so pick something easy, you pick 4 fillings from the chalk board, you pay and then you wait.  The food always seem to arrive within 5 minutes and looks like this.

If you’re really hungry order 6 tacos ($2.50 each), or go for 4, and then remember, you can always get more later.  I’ve tried almost everything they have to offer and my favourites are:

  • Pescado (white fish cevice with pickled cabbage and salsa)
  • Chicken mole (it’s like dessert with a subtle chocolatey touch)
  • Rajas con crema (I think it’s corn, jalapenos and sour cream…amazing)
  • Al pastor (smokey pork with pineapple)

They always have one or two specials that are real winners if they appeal to your taste. And don’t forget to load your little tacos up with their salsa which I assume is made in house.  For $10 it’s great value; quality food that isn’t greasy and the dudes who run the place are really friendly and seem totally into what they’re doing which I like.  They also have totally decent beer prices…fancy a Negra Modello with those pinche awesome tacos???

So check it out if you haven’t been and shhhhhhh! don’t tell the tourists.

Two locations:

  • 322 West Hastings
  • 2549 cambie

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