Food Trucks + Lunch = Awesome

It’s that time of year again, the sun is trying to come out, the birdies are chirping and you no longer want soup for lunch.  So your best option if you work downtown like I do, is to hit up one of your local food trucks selling delicious, freshly prepared cuisine, most at very reasonable prices.  I’ve been a huge fan of the food trucks since they were implemented a few years back.  I do wish more of them would hang around on the weekends, but I realize they need to spread their goodness elsewhere sometimes. Anyways, I’ve tried a bunch of them and have only had one miss which is pretty good (avoid the Bada Bing; they’re selling a ‘Philly cheese steak’ sandwich, but I don’t think they’ve actually been to Philly if you know what I mean).

People think I’m nuts because I’m always raving about how amazing the food carts are, so this week I dragged one of the guys I work with over to the Feastro truck by the Convention Centre to prove how good the food is. After an amazing experience with the prawn and prosciutto taco we agreed that it was fabulous value. For $8 you get a corn tortilla piled high (so high it’s a knife and forker) with cabbage slaw, tomato anise chutney, wild prawns and crispy prosciutto.  It’s worth the line up!

In addition to Feastro I’m also a HUGE fan of Arturos.  Thankfully this one is parked directly in front of my office so rain or shine I can get my Mexican fix without even needing to change into my walking shoes.  Again for around $8 you get a ton of food, my favourite is the burrito salad bowl.  They do their own chicken and beef seasoned and simmered to perfection with beans, rice, salad and a bunch of different homemade salsas.  I always ask for mine spicy, but you can get your plate made exactly the way you like.

What I love most about these food trucks, is that visiting them is like taking a little vacation within your city.  The food is almost always authentic (remember, don’t visit the Bada Bing), and the people are friendly and engaging, and at the end of the day they pack up their little carts of goodness and head off into the sunset.

I always say that it’s my dream to run a B&B, but the more I think about it, running a food truck wouldn’t be such a bad deal.  Your costs are fixed, you don’t have any rent, other than your parking meter, and as long as you serve a quality product you’ll have a line up around the block.

So next time you’re wandering around hungry, bypass Mr. Tube Steak and seek out one of the many wonderful food trucks scattered around downtown Vancouver.


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