My Glutinous Birthday

T’was my birthday this past week, and since I had to drag my sorry behind into the office, in the pouring rain (up hill both ways), and I couldn’t wear my cute birthday outfit (no, not that kind of outfit) I decided to eat away my sorrows of being yet another year older.

So my day started not with my husband’s famous blueberry pancakes, because I had an early meeting to get to, but with a quick stop at Cafe Artigiano.  Their lattes are out of this world, I swear they use straight cream.  A little pane au chocolate followed me out as well. After my meeting as I sat enjoying my incredibly healthy breakfast my very wonderful colleague dropped a wee little box of Thomas Haas chocolates on my desk. She proclaimed them the best chocolates in the world (salted dark chocolate caramels) and insisted I try one on the spot, but despite her persistence I decided to wait and enjoy them later.

Lunch rolled around and it was time for some sushi.  We headed to Hapa Izakaya for some of the best sushi I’ve had in Vancouver.  We had the signature Hapa and Umi rolls, along with my favourite, the ebi mayo (because who doesn’t want deep fried prawns with mayo sauce on their birthday ?!?) and a couple of their hot stone rice bowls.  I’m thinking so far this is a pretty good birthday!

When I got back to the office I found out it was cake day for all the May birthdays, so I rolled on down to the boardroom for some Costco pie that wasn’t very good.  I don’t usually like to waste food, but I decided that there were more good things to come in my day, so I was happy to give it to a willing and hungry co-worker.  Every office needs a garbage disposal right!

Next stop on the glutinous birthday itinerary was the new and improved Quattro, now on West Broadway in the former L’umiere space.  It’s beautifully done, warm and inviting yet modern.  My colleagues and I shared some antipasto and a lovely bottle of red and just when I was about to rush away to meet my husband and friends for dinner a few doors down, a birthday ‘cake’ arrived.  It was a stack of fried phyllo, mascarpone cheese and delicious sour cherries with a little candle on it ( I’ll go with people thinking I’m only 1).

My husband collected me and we continued our crawl down West Broadway to Banana Leaf.  Their food is absolutely amazing and it’s not expensive for the quality.  Between 4 of us we shared the rendang beef, seafood fried pineapple rice, malaysian chicken curry and my favourite, sambal green beans.

Next stop was the Jazz Cellar where I got a nice break from eating.  I did however continue celebrating with some festive libations.  The jazz was great, it’s a really cool spot that I will definitely return to.  And then, after we’d had our fill of the jazz trio we stumbled next door to the Wolf and Hound (I kept calling it the Fox and the Hound), for a night cap.  A Kilkenny and some fries…

So I had a pretty fantastic birthday despite a little bit of a hangover the next day and figure all in I consumed about 6,000 calories.  But the upside is my pants still fit and being old’er’ means you can make silly decisions and eat dessert 3 times in one day and have fries for your actual dessert.

Happy birthday to me, we’ll see if I can top that next year!


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