Biercraft & Roller Derby

I’ve been to Biercraft (formerly Stella’s) a number of times and found both locations (Cambie & Commercial Drive) to be equally wonderful.  Biercraft is an appropriate dining option for all seasons as their inviting warm interior gives you a hug on a cold winter evening, and their outdoor patio is perfect to enjoy the summer sun.

I would describe their food as European gastropub/bistro style with a west coast twist. You’ll have to go to experience it for yourself, as I’m sure many Vancouverites have already, but after the meal I had there yesterday I had to share my thoughts.  It was the perfect late afternoon meal for a few of us heading to the roller derby in Richmond.  In honor of the Euro Cup they had pints of Carlsberg on for $5.50…yes please!  But be careful, their beer list, which is more like a bible, is extensive, and can get costly if you decide to be adventurous with your tastes.  A bottle of Belgian beer can run up upwards of $12.  Yes it will come with a special glass designed specifically for your beer of choice, and yes your server will pour it in a fancy way to make sure you savour the flavour properly, but consider yourselves warned.

Until 5pm they only serve food from their tapas menu, but that’s no trouble because the good stuff lives there.  I’ve never actually had a proper meal at Biercraft because the tapas is so enticing and gives you a wide variety to choose from.  Between 4 of us we shared the following:

  • Poutine
  • Corn dogs
  • Baked brie
  • Charcuterie plate
  • Wings
  • Arancini

By far the highlight for me was the corn dogs.  I have fond memories of these from my childhood and I just couldn’t resist.  I usually hit up Biercraft for girls night when the mussels (which are some of the best I’ve had in the city) seem like a more appropriate choice than the corn dogs, but with the boys on hand to help me out they were a hit. Merguez sausage (that’s laaaaamb for those of you who haven’t had it before) covered in a blanket of corny goodness and then deep fried to perfection.  All made in house, this is not to be missed!

The baked brie was also a hit, phyllo wrapped and baked to perfection, the only thing it was missing for me was some cranberry relish or something to cut the richness.  The charcuterie plate was also a nice mix, but was very meat heavy.  They advertise it as having meat and cheese, but the only cheese on the plate was a couple little bocconcini balls.  I could have done without the smoked oysters, but the cappicola and chorizo were great.  I’d probably give it a miss next time.

I’m not usually a huge fan of wings.  I’ll have 1 or 2 if someone orders them, or I’ll make them at home during football season, but they never leap off the page at restaurants.  Well, after these wings I’m a changed woman and will seriously consider ordering wings in restaurants now. We opted for the Mumbai curry which was good for our spice averse friend.  I tend to like spicy foods when I think the heat will make up for an overall lack of flavour, but this sauce had a TON of flavour with just a nice hint of heat.  It was like the perfect blend of two of my favourite things, BBQ sauce and curry.  I have to figure out how they make that!

So with our bellies full and our heads feeling lighter we got back on the Canada Line and headed out to Richmond for the roller derby.  It was something I’d been keen on seeing, but I can safely say a little roller derby goes a long way and it’s definitely not something I need to do again.  So it was a typical night for me, where the food is the star of the show!


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