Farm to Table = Fable

I’m addicted to Top Chef so naturally I was dying to try Fable in Kitsilano when I heard it was being opened by Top Chef Canada finalist Trevor Bird.  What was even more exciting was seeing two other Top Chef contestants working the line.  Curtis Luk, who made the most amazing macaroons I’ve ever seen on the show, and Jimmy Stewart, who I have a major chef crush on, were both there making my dinner, which totally made my day!

Fable is new and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I was a little concerned when I saw on their website that they were taking reservations via Twitter and email. They note that it’s an evolving process, but c’mon, make it easy on us and just sign up for Open Table already!  My friend had called to make a reservation quite a few days before so I assumed it wouldn’t be an issue for our group.  Unfortunately, we had to wait 45 minutes for our table and it seemed that people with Twitter reservations were able to go in front of us.  They made up for it in the end by offering to take quite a few items off our bill, but it was still a little irritating not getting to eat until 9:00 on a school night.

But, enough of the logistics, let’s talk about the good stuff…the food!  The menu is fairly simple and straightforward which I like.  You have 8 appetizers to choose from and 8 mains (2 of which are vegetarian).  It’s all seasonal and local and nothing has extra fancy foam.  I started with the chickpea fritters which were delicious.  They came topped with pea shoots and cilantro which I thought was a bit odd.  I think I would have preferred one or the other, not both.  Our friends got the spaghetti and meatballs (the one Trevor did on the show with the sauce inside the meatball) and raw oysters.  We all agreed the food was superb.  For mains, I opted for the potato crusted chicken with ratatouille.  I don’t usually order chicken in restaurants, but thought this would be something I could re-create at home so I decided to give it a go.  The portion was large and the chicken was cooked perfectly.  The ratatouille gave the plate a nice balance.  My husband got the flat iron steak and the star of that show was the black pepper jam that came on the side.  Our friends had the salmon and the duck, so between the 4 of us we tried half the menu and were all very satisfied.

I don’t usually eat dessert, but because my boy Curtis was in the house I thought the probability of getting my hands on one of his macaroons was high.  I was correct and ordered the daily sweet bites which came with 2 macaroons, 2 cookies and 2 mini pavlovas.  Perfect for sharing!  His macaroons were pretty darn good, although I can’t say they were the best ever.  I think I had built them up too much in my mind.

So in terms of quality, value for money, atmosphere and concept I’d give Fable a very solid A.  In case you need a point of reference, the only restaurant I’ve been to in Vancouver that earns an A+ is Vij’s.


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