Vodka Izze Sparkler

It’s my husbands ‘birthday eve’ tonight and because I love an excuse to sit on my patio on a warm summer night with a cold drink in my hand I decided to pick up a couple bottles of Izze at the store. I’d never tried it, because I thought it was just extra expensive soda pop for rich people. But it was on sale, and the bottles were so pretty I couldn’t resist.

The result…the vodka Izze sparkler. I’m sure I’m not the first person to make one of these, nor will I be the last, but it was so good!!! It tasted like a cocktail you’d pay $9 for at Joey’s! So the next time you want a cheap, refreshing, restaurant quality cocktail try one of these.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try mixing the clementine one with Southern Comfort. Gosh I do love summer!



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