Icelandic Skyr Yogurt

I eat A LOT of yogurt.  It makes a great snack, it’s a filling breakfast and it’s also a nice after dinner treat if you want something sweet and healthy.  I mainly buy Greek yogurt because it’s so rich and creamy, yet naturally fat free (although I think they’re fleecing us on this one!).  But I recently came across a pretty looking container at Safeway in the states that turned out to be Icelandic yogurt, something called Skyr.  I was instantly intrigued because Iceland is somewhere I’ve always wanted to travel to and I figured I should make sure I like the yogurt before embarking on a trip there.

I’m also a huge sucker for packaging, and these containers were just lovely looking.  At $2 a pop it’s on the pricey side for yogurt, so I figured another sign that it’s good!  Siggi’s is the brand, and they had 3 different flavours: vanilla, acai mixed berry and orange ginger.  I had the orange ginger and it was so amazing and delicious, with real grated ginger.  My husband tried the vanilla which he loved.  Both varieties were very natural tasting and thick and creamy.  It looks like they have many other varieties so hopefully I’ll be able to find their products here in Vancouver.

I’d never heard of Skyr, but apparently it’s a cow’s milk yogurt made from live active cultures, like most other yogurts, the difference being that the whey (which is watery) is strained off leaving a thick and more concentrated yogurt.  It takes 3-4 times more milk to make skyr, hence the price tag.  Skyr also has more protein, similar to Greek yogurt.

I imagine Iceland to be a beautiful and magical place, so it seems fitting that they would produce such a great little product.  Even the name “Siggi’s” is cute!  Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


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