Lovely Lake Como

I’m finally in Italy, a place I’ve dreamed of visiting since I was a kid. The food, the wine, and the language all appeal in a way that makes me think I was Italian in another life.

After a quick stop in Milan, we’re spending the weekend at Lake Como. Unfortunately it’s a wee bit stormy, but we’re making the best of it. Hunkering down for a cappuccino and lunch during a torrential downpour was a great idea! I got to have my first Italian pizza. It was spectacular. Prosciutto, cheese and oregano. Simple and delicious.

After settling in at our lovely hotel and taking in the view (and a few minutes of sunshine on the terrace) we hiked up to an old ruined castle. By the time we came down the wine and salumi shop had re-opened after their afternoon closure, which in Italy seems to be from noon to 4.

We grabbed some Parma prosciutto, apparently there’s Parma and non-Parma varieties, and local taleggio cheese. All in a days work, Italy certainly agrees with me despite the rain.



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