Sunset in Florence

My first encounter with Tuscany has been a great one. After running the tourist gauntlet in Venice I was happy to arrive to sunshine in the beautiful city of Florence. After 2 days, a lot of walking, and some of the most amazing art I’ve seen this side of Paris, I am feeling very at home under the Tuscan sun (yes, I am aware of how cheesy that sounds).

Our lovely apartment on the Borgonisanti has a little rooftop terrace with a table reserved just for us. It’s away from the crowds but has a view of the Duomo and Giotto’s tower, the Palazzo Vecchio, and a few other turrets. Best place in Florence to enjoy a bottle of processo with someone special.

I picked up some great looking homemade gnocchi at the market today, the kind I imagine little Italian nonnas make, that I think will pair nicely with my bolognase sauce. After all he train did stop in Bologna on the way here so it’ll be a regional menu! Polish that off with a nice 6€ bottle of Chianti and a little chocolate pear tart we picked up across the street and it’s an end to a pretty great day.

At sunset the buildings turn this amazing colour just for a minute or two, and the sky burns pink. Tomorrow we head for the Tuscan countryside and I fear I will never want to leave.




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