La Dolce Vita

I’ve just returned to reality after spending two glorious weeks in Italy.  That’s right, the land where everyone takes their time, drinks 3 espressos a day, has wine at 11am on a weekday and enjoys life to the fullest.  Italians are a passionate bunch, even a normal friendly conversation involves crazy hand gestures and verbal intonations that make it sound like an argument.  The only thing they seem to do fast is drive.  After a couple days of getting used to the Italian way of doing things I felt totally at home and was living la dolce vita too.

This will be the first of many Italian inspired posts.  As you can imagine two weeks in Italy for a food lover like me provides a years worth of blog fodder.  But at this moment, as I sit on my couch enjoying the Vancouver sunset and watching Monday Night Football, trying as hard as I can to stay up until my normal bed time to overcome jet lag, I can’t help feeling like a part of me was left behind on this trip.  Almost like I’ll have to go back and find it at some point in the future.  I’ve never travelled somewhere that has called to me like Italy did.

To me Italy is rows of cypress trees, the beauty of an olive grove and the smell of a lemon tree in the sun.  The taste of tomatoes like we had in the garden when I was a kid, fresh pasta, nitrate free prosciutto and my favourite new discovery, the Aperol spritz.  These are the things I will miss the most.  There are amazing places I visited that I know I don’t need to revisit, such as Venice, and there are others like Tuscany where I could see myself spending the rest of my life.

We could all learn a little something about life from the Italians.  Slow down, look at your surroundings, take a break, enjoy your coffee vs. rushing out the door with it in a to go cup and savour the small moments that make life worth living, even if it means arguing.  Drink more wine, it won’t kill you.  And use as much olive oil as you want, it’s good for you!  So until I can properly organize my thoughts and compartmentalize my trip into individual blog posts, ciao!


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