SPUD Organic Grocery Delivery

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus these past few weeks but am finding new inspiration in a service that has revolutionized my life: SPUD.ca organic grocery delivery.  While in Italy my husband was reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma   and we had kicked around the idea of starting to eat ‘better’.  We eat really well as it is in terms of balanced and healthy meals, but the quality of our produce and meat could use an improvement.  There’s a Marketplace IGA in my building, so without going outside I can get pretty much whatever I want in a jiffy.  But the convenience does come at a cost, and the price I pay is quality, or lack thereof, especially when it comes to produce.  You can’t tell me that in BC the only garlic this store can offer me, 365 days a year, is from China!  I’m pretty sure they grow heaps of the stuff within a few km’s of here…so I find that very alarming.

Anyways, this post isn’t dedicated to bitching about how crappy IGA is, it’s about how freaking awesome SPUD is!  They deliver in my neighbourhood on Mondays and there is nothing better than coming home after that long first day of the work week to a bin full of beautiful fruits and veggies.  I was so happy with my initial order that this week I decided to try some of their meat and other grocery products.

I know you’re probably thinking it’s insane to have groceries delivered when there is a grocery store IN the building, but after seeing the clerks at IGA pick up apples off the floor and place them back, and finding a bunch of kale covered in bugs and wilted, I’d had it.  I get that people say organic isn’t necessarily better for you, or that it’s a waste of money, but I do know this…the quality with SPUD is 100% better than what IGA offers and the cost is only about 1/4 more for most items.  It’s about the same price as the veggies at Whole Foods, so you do have to be careful not to order the $5.25 cucumber or the 2 for $4 avocados   But they have weekly specials, and items that are in season and produced locally are cheaper, so it encourages you to eat a more sustainable diet if you’re cost sensitive like I am.  If you’re lazy you can even set it up so that every week you receive a box of stuff at a set dollar value.  Kind of like coming home to your own Iron Chef ingredients!  This week I had two things I’d never had before: delicata squash and Starkrimson pears.  And I ordered concord grapes, you know the ones that taste like grape juice!  Such a treat and when you place your order there are links to the farms where your items are produced, so you really get a sense of community.

So if you’ve considered signing up for a grocery delivery service like SPUD but have been hesitating, my advice to you is give it a try, you can always cancel, but you probably won’t because it’s better, easier and more satisfying than going to the store!  This past week I ended up spending about the same overall on food as I had the week previous, but I didn’t make any impulse purchases and I didn’t waste anything.

I can’t wait to get home to my SPUD bin tonight!


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