Why I Love…the single use kitchen gadget

I’m starting a new series of blog posts, all about the things I love in my kitchen.  And for my first one, I’m taking on the ‘single use gadget’.  We all have them, our significant others hate them because they take up too much space, some of them are expensive, and some don’t last very long.  Some get purchased off infomercials, others catch your eye at Bed Bath and Beyond, and the really good ones usually get lusted over for a long time before they’re purchased.


My definition of gadget includes just about everything in your kitchen that really only serves one purpose, so I include electric items.  I have tons of them, and I’m constantly having to rationalize buying new ones with my husband.  I like being able to make fun things you’d get at a restaurant at home; quesadillas and waffles to name a few.  I also love my zester, my mushroom brush and crepe spatula.  Sure, I occasionally use things for purposes they’re not explicitly intended for, but really, I could also totally get by without these items.

I’m not a big consumer when it comes to buying things.  But when I do buy something, I want it to be top quality, and nothing upsets me more than having to replace an item and throw the old one in the land fill.  So yes, I do get a bit weary when it comes to these single use gadgets, because they’re sometimes cheap, and made in god knows where of some toxic plastic.  But I figure that if I take extra good care of them then we’ll all live a long and happy existence together in my kitchen.

So here’s a few of my favourites, that I would highly recommend you add to your kitchen collection:

Quesadilla Maker

  • Why I love it?  It melts cheese for one, and smashes it together with whatever other great things you want to include.  Although I’m a big fan of the traditional cheese, I like to add grilled chicken and veggies, or brie, mango and red onion, or spinach, mozza, pesto and sun dried tomatoes.  I think I paid $12 for mine in the states…you can’t even get a quesadilla at Cactus Club for $12 these days, so I think of it as a sound investment.

Waffle Maker

  • Why I love it?  Who doesn’t want to wake up on the weekend to freshly made Belgian waffles?  You can make all different kinds, and you can even make savoury dinner appropriate ones.  Chicken n’ waffles anyone?  Need I say more…

Mushroom Brush

  • Why I love it?  I eat a lot of mushrooms and since I’m too lazy to peel them, and actually washing them just water logs them and makes them mushy, it’s a great way to save paper towels (which is how you should clean mushrooms if you don’t have a brush).  


Taco Salad Shell Maker

  • Why I love it?  These are a relatively new addition to my kitchen.  Introduced to me by my brother who made the initial purchase late at night while watching an infomercial, I had to have them.  So in the good old US of A I found them for $10.  Everything tastes better in a crispy non-fried tortilla shell right?

taco shell

SodaStream Machine

  • Why I love it?  Got one for Christmas this year and had been wanting one since I was 16.  First discovered when I was living in Germany, I love the idea of being able to have freshly carbonated sodium free on demand.  I’m already saving money by not buying Pellegrino, and I’m reducing my environmental footprint because my water is just as fancy but doesn’t come from Italy.


The list could go on and on (pizza stone, garlic baker, ravioli cutter, etc.), but those are my favourites of the moment.  And although I do love a good single use item/appliance, I’m really not a big fan of a lot of the other ones on the market.  Some of my dislikes are:

  • The Corksicle
  • Cake pans shaped like castles, trains, boats, and pretty much anything but a cake
  • Grapefruit spoons
  • Pineapple slicers
  • Cake pop makers
  • Popcorn makers
  • Pannini makers (ok totally the pot calling the kettle black because I have a freaking quesadilla maker…pick your battles, what’s more fun?)


So stay tuned for more ‘why I love…’ and leave me a comment about what you love most in your kitchen because I’m always up for trying new things!


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