Pirate Joe’s – Arrrrr Matey!

For years I’ve been jealous of those with cars who nip across the border to the Bellingham and come back with bags and bags of cheap Trader Joe’s goods.  But those days are gone, because last night I discovered Pirate Joe’s, located at 2350 West 4th Ave in Kits (across from Safeway)!  Shiver me timbers, it does exist!

Pirate Joes

It’s easy to get addicted to Trader Joe’s products and their prices are shockingly amazing. I fell madly in love with their Spicy Black Bean Dip in university and drank my fair share of two buck chuck (remember the good old days when Yellow Tail was $3.99?).  They have a ton of organic items and when you leave you don’t feel like your bank account was raped like you do at Whole Foods.

TJ logo

Someone told me about Pirate Joe’s a few months ago but I figured I’d never experience it, because they’d get shut down before I made it over.  But according to the very nice Irish guy dressed in full pirate garb, they aren’t violating any laws by smuggling their booty into Canada and reselling it.  Trader Joe’s is aware of what they’re doing, but apparently can’t do anything to shut em’ down because all they’re doing is re-selling products.  They even have a sign out front that says “we sell Trader Joe’s products”.

Yes, the stuff they sell is more expensive than it is in the states; for example they’re selling the Mushroom Risotto for $3.99 and I think it’s $1.99 down south.  My bean dip was $3.69, which even marked up seemed totally reasonable to me (vs. $6.99 for something similar at Whole Foods).


So mosey on in to Pirate Joe’s for all your favourite TJ’s products while the swashbuckling fun lasts.  And if they don’t have what you want, they’ll take your order!  This whole thing makes me love Canada so much, and hate it at the same time, because apparently TJ’s would consider opening Canadian locations if they were allowed to sell alcohol in their stores.

Now, we just need someone to open a Tillamook Cheese outpost!



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