Why I love…my ergonomic peeler

So the second in my new series of posts about things I love is about one single item.  It may be small, easy to store and inexpensive to buy, but I love it all the same.  It’s a simple item that everyone should have.  It’s my ergonomic peeler.

I’ve suffered from mild carpel tunnel in the past, and I mouse like a crazy person at work all day, so when I get home and it’s time to peel potatoes, my hands often hurt.  I can’t exactly tell my employer, ‘ oh, I can’t do that today, I’m saving my hand for my veggie peeling’ or they’d really think I was nuts.  So thankfully the nice people at Cookworks in Vancouver solved the problem for me about a year ago.

For a whopping $6 I picked up Swissmar peeler.  Mine is turquoise so it’s easy to find in my cluttered utensil drawer, and at the end of a long day, using it is like cutting through butter.  It keeps your hand at just the right angle, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to peel stuff way faster than with the oldschool version.  But be careful.  The Swiss know what they’re doing and the blades on these things are sharp.  I almost had a bad accident whilst peeling a turnip.  It looks like Williams Sonoma has a package with the regular one, as well as julienne and serrated versions.  Perhaps not a bad purchase!

Anyways, I love my Swissmar ergonomic peeler almost as much as I love Toblreones!  Hooray for Switzerland and their pure genius!



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