Life as a Vegetarian

So I’m 4 days into my ‘see if I can go vegetarian’ challenge that will end on Saturday.  So far so good.  I do find that I’m snacking a bit more and maybe it’s all in my head, but I also feel hungrier between meals.  I need to get in the habit of eating nuts I think.  But I feel pretty good, not much different actually.

We’ve been eating a lot more cheese which probably isn’t the healthiest protein source in large quantities.  But the upside is that I’ve also been eating A LOT more vegetables. Green ones; and fruits too!  It’s really not that hard to eat vegetarian, but I definitely need to expand my repertoire if this keeps up.

It’s funny how people have reacted to my going veg for a week.  Some have asked why, others have given lots of encouragement.  I’ve been asked how on earth I’ll get enough protein, which I thought was funny.  And today, someone asked me why I had an egg for lunch if I was vegetarian.  I guess you could make a case for not eating eggs, but the chicken who laid the egg is probably still alive so I think it’s ok.

If I stopped thinking about all the meat I was missing out on I would be totally fine to actually become vegetarian.  But I don’t believe in overly restrictive diets.  I have a lot of will power when it comes to food and I feel strongly that I will be able to reduce the amount of meat I eat while increasing the quality and maintain a balanced healthy diet.  I also love bacon and the thought of  giving that up is just too much for me.  But we are committed to learning more about where our food comes from and if that’s the best thing that comes out of this challenge I think it’s pretty good!

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