Veggie Power

Well my vegetarian week challenge has ended and although I had planned to eat bacon as a victory meal at the end of the week, I really didn’t feel like it.  In fact, I still haven’t had meat!  Am I a vegetarian now? The answer is no, but I think I will maintain a mostly vegetarian diet going forward.  There are so many benefits to eating vegetarian.  It’s healthy, it’s cheaper, it gives me new cooking challenges and ideas and it’s good for the environment.


I thought the weekend would break me because we typically eat out, and I thought finding vegetarian items I wanted to eat over meat mains would be hard.  But on Friday night we went to Nuba for dinner and stuffed ourselves with delicious Lebanese food.  We had falafel, hummus, roasted cauliflower and a grilled halloumi tomato salad.  Their food is amazing and for $60 with tax and tip my husband was impressed enough to want to go back (which is rare for him).

Nuba 2

Yesterday we rode our bikes to the beach and picked up picnic supplies at Whole Foods. There were no shortage of yummy looking meaty things there, but I opted for a hummus and veggie wrap and a spinach orzo salad.  It was super satisfying and I was totally full and energized.  And today we experienced the wonder that is the $9.95 all you can eat vegetarian buffet at the All India Sweets Restaurant at Main and 49th.  For under $10 you get to dive into 6 awesome vegetarian dishes, naan, rice, a salad bar and dessert. Absolutely amazing value; it’s probably the best authentic Indian I’ve had in the city (I don’t consider Vij’s authentic, rather upscale Indian).  I picked up some garam masala at the spice market so I can do more Indian cooking at home.


Tonight I’m making spinach and feta spanakopita, so there really is no end to the filling main dishes you can make to keep things interesting.  So if you’re considering eating less meat, or giving it up completely, just do it!  Go cold turkey like I did and you won’t regret it.


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