Siena in Vancouver

I just returned from Siena; unfortunately not the beautiful sun soaked Tuscan city.  Rather, I had dinner at this great little trattoria at 12th and Granville here in Vancouver called Siena. I was with two of my dear friends and we shared what was one of the best and least expensive restaurant meals I’ve had this side of Italy.  I don’t often write rave reviews about restaurants in this city.  I find the vast majority of them are over priced, kinda crappy, or just not worthy of my words.  But Siena was truly amazing and I will definitely be back soon.


We picked the right night to go, because when you tell 3 ladies that all wines are 50% off on Mondays you score an automatic 10 points.  The wine list in general is very reasonably priced and offers a good selection from various parts of the globe.  We had an Italian red, and at $19.50 (after the 1/2 off) I felt like we were stealing.

The menu was a bit problematic, because I wanted everything.  I barely even looked at the board with the specials, because I was so captivated by the regular menu.  They have a prix fixe 3 course menu for $29, which would be great value if you were starving and wanted dessert, and then their regular a la carte menu.  We decided to share a few things and went for the juniper seared beef carpaccio, the burrata (with proscuitto and balsamic fig reduction), the strozzapreti al pesto (with loads of roasted veggies) and then tacked on an order of the polenta fries (when in Rome?).  For the 3 of us it was just the right amount of food.  photo (4) photo (3) photo (2)

I’m a total sucker for burrata.  After my trip to Italy last year it quickly became the top of the food chain for me.  It’s hard to describe and it will probably sound gross, but it’s kind of like cheese ice cream.  It’s one of the most decadent and delicious things I’ve ever experienced.  Anyways, the burrata at Siena didn’t disappoint.  The carpaccio was also great, frizzled capers make a nice addition.  And the pesto sauce on our pasta was the brightest green colour.  It felt like eating spring.

Sadly none of us saved room for dessert, but left completely satisfied.  The room itself is warm and inviting.  It’s perfect for date night but it’s also great for a quick bite if you’re out and about.  There is nothing stuffy about this place; it’s just genuinely good.  I don’t go back to many restaurants in Vancouver, but this one is at the top of my list.  I can’t wait to go back with my husband and try more of the great menu at Siena.  Oh, and the beauty of it is that they now take reservations!



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