What Kind of Milk Are You Drinking?

Ok, I know, I’m an adult in my 30’s and I shouldn’t be drinking milk.  But I love the rich creamy taste, in my coffee, to make my waffles, and best of all, a tall glass after a piece of chocolate cake.  Throughout my life I’ve drank the entire spectrum of milk products. Started on 2% as a kid, then we switched to 1%, had a brief stint drinking 3.8% warm milk from a bag when I lived in Germany, and when I moved out on my own I started drinking skim.  About a year ago my husband and I started buying 2% organic milk and we were pretty satisfied until we got ‘Vegucated‘.


We immediately switched to Avalon organic 2%, because we figured it was the best we could get.  But we were wrong!  After hearing that Avalon gets their milk from multiple sources I was less keen.  Then, my dear friend Melissa turned us on to Gort’s Gouda.  I don’t think it’s certified organic, but more importantly, it’s 100% grass fed.  Remember that cows aren’t meant to digest corn and other grains, their digestive systems are designed strictly for grass.  Anyway, their dairy is in Salmon Arm, but you can get their milk (chocolate and regular, which is full fat 3.8+%) at Whole Foods on Cambie here in Vancouver.  You will die and go to heaven.


Gort’s Gouda milk is non-homogenized, which means that the fat will separate if you don’t shake it.  This is milk in its natural state and it’s more easily absorbed by our bodies.  It also contains more vitamins.  You’re probably thinking “crazy hippie, you’re not supposed to drink non-homogenized milk”, but what you actually mean is you should’t drink un-pasteurized milk.  I believe all milk in Canada by law has to be pasteurized so no worries there.

So with this new discovery, I started drinking less milk, but only drinking the good stuff.  My body has thanked me many times over.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good I feel after making this, and a number of other dietary changes (such as becoming mostly vegetarian). I sleep better, I’m less gassy (whatever, you know you toot sometimes too), I feel more balanced and my skin looks better.

Gort’s Gouda also makes this amazing Bulgarian style yogurt.  It’s also full fat and amazingly delicious.  It’s a bit tart and tangy, and just runny enough to remind me of the stuff I fell in love with in Croatia two summers ago.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to my granola in the morning and it also lasts forever in the fridge.  Unfortunately I haven’t tried Gort’s actual gouda yet, but I’m sure it’s also amazing.  They have a range of cheeses typical of the northwestern European style.   Perhaps I’ll even plan a trip to the Okanagen to see these happy cows I’ve come to love so much.


Global ran a segment on the news tonight about milk and the differences between organic and non-organic here in Canada.  Their conclusion was save your money and just buy the regular stuff.  Well after switching to Gort’s Gouda I completely disagree.  Buy full fat homo grass-fed milk and drink it as nature intended.  Drink less, because you shouldn’t drink a glass of milk with every meal.  And remember to enjoy what you’re putting in your body.  It will thank you later.


3 thoughts on “What Kind of Milk Are You Drinking?”

  1. I really regret drinking 3 glasses of crap milk a day when I was a teenager. Brainwashed..what can I say. More natural the better except I’m not so sure a wild cow would let a human suck on its nipple.

  2. Mmm I just discovered Gort’s yogurt today at Choices. So tangy, creamy, delicious and wholesome. Totally in love. I can’t wait to try their milk and smoked gouda.

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